Most times we tend to take for granted the behind the scenes work that has been put into the PC and all other IT gadgets. We really overlook the fact that quite a lot of coders are hunk over their computers almost on a daily basis trying to generate codes that make most of our apps run properly.

These set of people who we relegate to the background and most times are not heard of, spend their time and resources to create software that can be used not only in apps but also in video games, social media platforms, and many others.

It definitely can’t be an easy task to become skilled in any of the coding languages, it requires a great deal of diligence and people who venture into coding should actually be smiling to the banks since we practically depend on them one way or the other.

In as much as having an online IT/coding knowledge is fun and highly academically intensive, expectedly pros in this line of business have bills to foot and the means should justify the end.

If you have been able to acquire the relevant IT/Coding knowledge, therefore, we say kudos and the following are 10 effective ways you can apply your knowledge to making a handsome living online.

  1. Medical coding specialist

A medical coding specialist is always in demand in hospitals for the relevant IT/Coding knowledge because procedures for treatments and diagnosis have changed completely compared to some years back.

Doctors and practitioners in the health industry depend on proper medical coding to report diagnosis and treatments for patients.

Medical coders are also essential for the accurate medical billing process. A code is usually assigned, called CPT codes, HCPCS codes and ICD-9 codes to report what diagnosis was determined, what procedures were performed, and to provide necessary billing operations.

  1. Customer Support

The customer support is a very important segment of any organization. Though a lot of people tend to look down on them, the fact is that this particular department can make or mar a business.

Since a lot of communication is involved in business transactions, a customer support staff with the relevant IT/Coding knowledge has an edge and would be greatly needed.

Apart from the technical knowledge required to fit into this section, most mega businesses ensure that they have a very experienced staff running this section, meaning that with your knowledge, you stand more chances of landing a good side gig in this field.

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst

As a Business Intelligence Analyst, you are sure of earning a living with your IT/Coding knowledge. You will be needed by firms and organizations for taking very serious business decisions.

You will be expected to render support in decision making, create and analyze data to maximize utility, work to develop and provide new business intelligence solutions.

You will be saddled with the responsibility of defining, reporting, and or otherwise developing new structures for business intelligence in ways that will serve a specific purpose.

If you can have this right up your alley there is no way you won’t be making a very handsome living with your knowledge.

  1. Investment Banking Analyst

As an investment analyst in the banking section, your duty revolves around analyzing the bank’s annual results to assist in the making of sound investment decisions. You will be required to contribute to the bank’s policy decisions. Your IT/Coding knowledge will come in handy here.

It is your duty to identify potential markets and market trends as well as find out every bit of information about the clients’ companies.

  1. Develop WordPress Themes

There are a lot successful WordPress theme providers. If you are able to write codes and do some bit of graphics works to give sites an attractive user interface, you can build your own theme and join the competition.

You can create premium themes and sell them at a certain rate. Though this will not come easy because for a site owner to purchase a theme, such theme must be highly responsive and user-friendly.

  1. Xbox Developer

People are always on the lookout for things to occupy themselves with or activities to engage in for leisure.

Some resort to movies, while others look out for games to compete on and probably make money from.

All these set of people depend on games from Xbox developers and other game brands. regular basis, video games are released by developers.

New games are released every now and then to keep the flames in the gaming world lighted.

Battle Chasers, Dragon’s Dogma, Forza Motorsport, and A Hat in Time are some of the video games released in October 2017.

As an Xbox developer, you can not lack an avenue to apply your IT/Coding knowledge and also make a nice living from it.

  1. Website Builder

Businessmen all over the world are aware that the website is their calling card and a one-shot chance to attract clients and customers. For this reason, there is no reason why a website builder will be out of job at this age and time.

Once you are able to optimize websites, edit and customize it to give an awesome user interface, make the site fully responsive, fast and user-friendly, you can successfully earn a decent living by approaching businesses with poorly optimized sites.

  1. WordPress hosting

There are a lot of websites and they are increasing by the day, who are looking for WordPress hosting facilities. With your IT/Coding knowledge, you stand a very good chance of landing a good gig with some of these websites.

If you can include installation and guarantee a fast and secure service, with free backup and auto updates, there is no reason why you will not be earning a good living with your knowledge.

  1. Smartphone Developer

The emergence of the Android and IOS Operating software took the world of smartphones to a whole new level, even resulting in mobile use surpassing desktop use in recent statistics.

Quite a lot can be achieved today with a Smartphone, and the truth is that more innovations and improvements can still be made on Smartphones.

Big corporations like Apple are ever ready to launch new products into the market on a regular basis and with this type of scenario, there is no stopping the height a Smartphone developer can attain.

  1. Accountant

To become an accountant and a fine one at that, you will require an IT/Coding knowledge.

This will ensure that you effectively carry out the accounting work.

This is so because you will be expected to prepare and examine financial records and make sure taxes are paid properly and on time. You will ascertain that the organization runs efficiently.

It will also be your responsibility to provide financial information that makes the organization to properly allocate funds. The organization simply can’t run without you.

Wouldn’t it be a surprise then if an accountant is not able to make a living online?

With your IT/Coding knowledge, you can efficiently earn yourself a decent living online through any of the 10 ways above. You only require to give it a go.

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