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How to Use Snapchat to Grow Your Business

Snapchat is absolutely amazing. It’s definitely one of the latest craze (even though it’s been around since 2012) that’s going viral. Most people use it for fun. But you can use it to set your business apart from other businesses.

What is this craze that’s taken the world by storm?

Snapchat is a mobile photo-messaging app. Users capture the moment in short videos and photos and share it with snapchatters. You can view live stories around the world, catch up on the news and read magazines in Discover on Snapchat.


Tap Into the Power of Instagram to Grow Your Business

Instagram is rocking the social scene with more than 500 million monthly users. On top of that, there are 300 million daily users, 95+ million daily posts and 4.2 billion likes daily. (Source) Instagram has more monthly advertisers than Twitter and ranks second after Facebook.


Basic Market Research Action Plan to Kick-Start Your Business

Are you considering starting up a business? To make sure it stands a chance of succeeding among the millions of other businesses, carry out market research first. Creating a market research action plan is a vital part of your business groundwork. It’s great to have a wonderful business idea in your head, but who are your customers?

Don’t fall into the ‘I want to start my business now’ trap. Do your homework first.

The Rule of 7: Skyrocket Your Business Growth With this Marketing Principle

Success in most businesses, especially online, rely on selling, and your success is often limited by how well you can market yourself.

A marketing principle most business owners today are not familiar with is “the rule of 7“.

the rule of 7

In marketing, the rule of 7 assumes that your prospects need to come across your offer at least 7 times before they will take action or purchase what you’re selling.

10 Online Customer Attraction Techniques You Should Zone in on in 2015

customer attractionMany new businesses are getting online, and businesses that have been online for long are starting to realize that things aren’t as they used to be; some techniques that used to be effective 4 – 5 years ago are completely dead, while some have significantly reduced in value that it won’t be worth it to use them again.

However, some techniques are still very effective, if not more effective, as long as you go about using them the right way.

If you own an online business and want revenue growth, you’ll ignore the following customer attraction techniques at your own peril.

CASE STUDY: A Proven Formula for Getting 75,000 Views Per Article

While more traffic isn’t necessarily synonymous with more revenue for your online business, the fact remains that traffic is always the starting point.

There are many ways to get traffic to your business website, and you’ve probably heard a lot of people recommend having a content marketing strategy or starting a blog at one point or the other. If you have been blogging for more than a few months now, though, you’ve already realized that this isn’t as easy as it is made to seem.

If your business blog is still struggling to get hundreds of visitors monthly after months or years of effort, it is a waste of time AND resources; you should either abandon that blog or fix what is wrong with it.

Case Study: How I Got 1,000+ Subscribers in 2 Months with 30 Minutes of Work

Update: It’s been awhile since this article was published, but the total number of subscribers has increased to a little over 2,000 subscribers in 4 months since starting the experiment; this does not include those who unsubscribed.

Late last year, thanks to Kim Roach and Brian Dean, I discovered a secret to getting more subscribers from my blog.

I decided to take action and implement what I learned on my other blog and the result blew me away:

I got 1,000+ EXTRA subscribers within 2 months of making this change and today, at the time of writing this article, will make it exactly 2 months and 8 days since I implemented this change. The result? Approximately 1,200 subscribers from just 3 articles on my blog.

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