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Karol K. (@carlosinho) is a freelance blogger and writer. He has his work published all over the web, on sites like: Six Revisions, Web Design Ledger,, Quick Sprout, ProBlogger, and others.

How to Prepare Your Website Before You Start Guest Blogging

This may be silly, but I can still remember my very first guest post going live. It was an exciting day and something I will possibly never forget. After all, it started what would later become my online career.

Even though I worked for days to complete that very first post, I didn’t take nearly as much effort to do any sort of preparations on my own site.

I mean, I just wrote the thing, linked to my homepage from the bio box, sent the article, luckily got it approved, and just sat around waiting for the surge of people who would surely quickly follow.

So how much did I gain from that first guest blogging effort, in terms of whatever benefits?

… I have no clue.

And that’s the point.

I wasn’t ready at all to welcome, measure, convert, or do anything else.

Here’s a better approach – the five things to do before you start guest blogging:

Homer Simpson’s Guide to Guest Blogging

I guess Homer Simpson isn’t your first choice when it comes to obtaining guest blogging advice, is he?

However, I was still quite surprised at how much we can learn by paying closer attention to some of his famous quotes and relating them back to guest blogging.

That being said, Homer is not a person whose advice should always be taken directly. Sometimes you’re actually way better off doing the exact opposite of what he’s saying. See for yourself:

How to Find Great Guest Post Topics in Just a Few Minutes

One particularly tough part of the job when you’re guest blogging is that a seemingly good blog post topic isn’t necessarily a good guest post topic as well.

There’s a number of factors that come into play here. Chief of which is the fact that a good guest post should be optimized to resonate with its target blog’s audience, as well as be connected with your own site’s angle and offerings.

What this comes down to is that if you want to come up with a truly great guest post topic, it will require more than just a disconnected brainstorming session that’s only happening in your brain.

The key to success here is research.

There is a way to speed things up, though (four of them, actually).

8 Habits of Blog Editors That Will Drive You Crazy!

Last week, we talked about the things that blog editors really want from you and what to do to not get on their bad side. So today, let’s flip the switch entirely and go the absolute other way around – talking about the habits and behaviors of blog editors that will drive you absolutely crazy.

Just a short disclaimer up front though. I’m not trying to suggest that the problems on this list are common. However, when they happen to you occasionally, oh they are annoying.

Okay, let’s get the list started with the biggest deal breaker:

6 Things Blog Editors Really Want From You

Guest blogging over a long period of time teaches you a lot of things … mainly in the “dealing with people” department.

Actually, I’d say that being a successful guest blogger is more about knowing how to handle interaction with editors, rather than being the best writer out there.

Of course, you do have to be able to put words and sentences together in order to make it in guest blogging. However, first of all, you have to be able to communicate effectively and listen to what blog editors have to say about your submission.

So today, let’s take a look at the six things that blog editors really want from you, your pitch, and then your article.

7 Overused Pieces of Guest Blogging Advice

Let’s end the year with a bit of a rant … because why not, right?

Well, okay, what I have for you today isn’t an awfully aggressive rant, but it still does list some of the common annoying pieces of advice that bloggers and businesses are given when the topic of guest blogging gets mentioned.

Of course, the advice itself isn’t inherently bad in any way, but the key here is doing things in moderation, instead of diving head first into everything without thinking much.

Let’s get the list started with the biggie:

Guest Blogging In Review (2014 Edition)

2014 is almost behind us, which makes it great time to look into what’s been going on in the guest blogging space in the past 12 months, as well as what we can expect in the near future.

So this post lists 20 important (and interesting) articles, tutorials, and pieces of news related to guest blogging that were published in 2014.

I have to admit, there has been a lot of talk on various related topics, and we’ve seen a number of major fluctuations and direction changes across the web. While I’m still 100 percent sure that guest blogging is here to stay and that it will only continue to gain a bigger role in brands’ marketing strategies, we surely need to adjust our tactics to make them more in tune with the current rules of web publishing.

So let’s start the list with perhaps the most significant piece of guest blogging news of 2014:

8 Work Habits That Will Keep You Effective When Guest Blogging

The topic of workplace effectiveness is something I’ve been looking into for years now. Mostly to solve my own challenges and to find more effective ways of doing the tasks I consider important for my business.

Being productive and effective can indeed become a big issue if you don’t have any system set or some good habits in place. And this is especially significant when being a business owner and doing anything related to blogging or guest blogging.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the eight work habits to put in place that will keep you effective (when guest blogging).

6 Reasons Why Guest Bloggers Fail

Caution; some tough questions ahead. Would you call yourself a successful guest blogger? In other words, is guest blogging bringing you the results you’ve hoped for? Can you get your posts accepted on your first-choice target blogs? Do those blogs then bring satisfactory results?

If “no” is your answer to any of the above then, first of all, that’s okay. Guest blogging is much more difficult than some experts want us to believe.

And second of all, here’s a list of the common reasons why guest bloggers fail. I encourage you to read it from top to bottom and try evaluating your approach, looking for possible holes in your tactics.

6 MORE Types of Content to Focus on When Guest Blogging

Last week, we listed seven types of content to focus on when guest blogging, so I figured I should probably continue with this topic and dig down some more to find another set of interesting guest post concepts.

But let’s just set one thing straight before we get going. This list of six more types of content is in no way inferior to the original post. I guarantee that every item from either list can land you a valuable guest post on a popular blog. In short, this isn’t a “tier 2” by any means.

Guest blogging success has always been in the execution, so how you take action on a given content type is a lot more important than what content type you choose in the first place.

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