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How Effective Business Ideas Will Help You

My foray into business began when I was 16, that was in 2009, and I have since evolved over then.

I have made six figures in online income, especially as a freelancer and consultant, and my income keeps increasing every year.

Due to the success of my online business, I have also ventured into other businesses offline; I now have a 1 acre commercial fish farm, several landed investments, and a thriving online business.

I’m also well-connected with successful business owners offline and online, and my experience and network keeps growing.

Whether it is to share what I have learned doing my fish business, some tips for investing in landed properties or how to run a successful freelance/consulting business online, it is my passion to make a difference in your life.

Effective Business Ideas is exactly what the name says it is: It’s all about giving you effective business ideas. I mean, practical business ideas that work, offline and online.

While I’ll share a lot from my own knowledge, which would make massive difference in your life/business if you follow my advice, I’d also tap into my network and connect with a lot of successful business owners to see what is working for them and then share these with you.

My aim is to ultimately share hundreds of practical business ideas that work, offline and online, based on my own experience and that of others, with you.

Whether it is in form of blog posts, ebooks, courses and other resources, I want this blog to serve as the ultimate source of business ideas for you; whether your business is online or offline.

I want to give you business ideas that works, and I want to help you get results.

How You Can be Involved

Also, to make this the best resource for business owners worldwide, I want YOU to be involved.

If you have a successful business offline or online, or you know of someone that does, and you’d like me to feature your business as well as your approach on this site, please kindly contact me.

It doesn’t matter where your business is located, or the nature of your business, as long as it is LEGAL and SUCCESSFUL, I’d love to share your story with my readers and other business owners across the world.


Bamidele OnibalusiI’m Bamidele Onibalusi, a young and successful Nigerian entrepreneur.

My first foray into business was in 2009 when I started my first website; this website gradually evolved into Writers in Charge, a top writing blog that has been read by over a million people since its inception.

I gradually started to take interest in offline businesses as well due to their predictability, scalability and the fact that, based on my experience, success with offline businesses do not require as much mental energy as online businesses.

As a result, I took a short break from online business in 2014 to start a commercial fish farm on a 1-acre piece of land. I also did some real estate investments and moved with several highly successful business owners to learn from them, study their approach and then refine this in a way that works better for me. I’ll be documenting this as well as featuring some of these people on this website over time.

I’ve been featured in several reputable and highly successful publications online and offline. Some notable examples are Forbes.com, Digital Journal, Millionaire Magazine Italy, The Nations Newspaper, Nigerian Tribune and The Guardian Newspaper.

I’ve personally contributed to several top websites including Business Insider, ReadWrite, Under30CEO, Naij.com amongst others.

I’ve also been featured in and/or contributed to several published books. Some notable examples are The Writers Market 2014, Engagement from Scratch (2011), 2 Billion Under 20 (to be published in 2015).

I’ve also been regarded severally as one of the top bloggers in Nigeria.

I’m sharing all the above to let you know that I not only know my stuff but that I’ve also been widely recognized for it.

That shouldn’t matter, though.

For you, what should matter about me is THIS: I’m a VERY ambitious person. I have big goals, and anything you’ve read about on this page is a tip of the iceberg, a drop of the bucket and a minuscule fraction of what I aspire to.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, as I gradually work towards achieving these goals, I’ll be sharing EVERYTHING with you on this blog; as long as it is about business, and a lot of things in my life are, you’ll find it on this blog. I want to be your conduit to success; as I learn, experiment, fail and succeed, I want you to learn from my lessons and build your own successful business as a result.

I’m committed to helping you succeed in business, no matter how small or big you want to start; whether you plan to start with a few dollars, a million dollars or more, I want this blog to be the place you get business ideas that will lead to success.

It won’t happen overnight but, with your help, it will happen gradually and eventually.

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  1. Hey Bamidele,

    Your success story is great! Achieving a solid income within the first few months is very impressive, and glad that you didn’t just stop there and not venture into other areas.

    All the best!


    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Being in business over the past few years have been rough, but I won’t trade the fun of it for anything else.

      I also wish you the best in your endeavors.

      Best Regards,

      PS. I just sent you a guest post for Wealthy Gorilla 🙂

  2. Hi Bamidele,

    Tell me about (refering to your above comment), both business and life has been rough, but thank God I made it through it all, and I am still on this Writing Journey that I finally embrace and roll with the punches. As I learn to mind my own business literally and figuratively during this stretch of my journey, I am actually taking all the lessons from being an InfoPreneur to leverage my life and all my gifts, thus give birth to my purpose.

    I have always admired your story, and I have taken a lot of your advice, hence I re-launched DwriteWELL.com, got more focused on the art of writing well for not only myself, but my clients as well, especially as it relates to helping others (entrepreneurs) and writers do the same thing — living their writing dreams now.

    We spoke (via email) a while back — life happened (blah blah lol), and hey I’ve managed to bounce back with a little less bounce that is, thus putting more clients under my belt, so thanks for all the advice, articles, suggestions, and for becoming fully.

    Truly, I am looking forward to adding guest blogging to my portfolio soon as well as a few lucrative ghostwriter gigs in the making, which honestly was something I once frowned upon and was total against, but hey it beats not being paid at all any day of the week, so ghosting it –> here I come … LOL.

    One of my goals is to work with you very soon, so you will see me here and there commenting as well as sharing your work because I truly admire your work ethic, drive and consistency.

    God bless you, I am looking forward to how you grow this blog, and I will be apart of the journey — if only as a sponge (viral student); soaking it all in & up.

    In addition, I would love to interview you in the near future for one of the Print Magazine’s that I am a Freelance Writer with. Let me know how to schedule a conference call to interview you if you’re available and up for it. In advance, I thank you for your precious time and commitment to excellence.

    Take care, & more significant success, I pray for you (& me too).

    All the best,
    Daphne D. Williams

    P.S Expect a pitch soon. Enjoy the rest of your week. 😉

    • Hi Daphne,

      Indeed, the struggles make it fun; I won’t trade that for anything.

      I’m happy you bounced back, and I believe this makes you a much stronger person. Our challenges, and how we respond to them, are what make us.

      Definitely, growing this blog will be exciting as well; I have some massive goals, and I should be documenting some of my strategies on this blog in the near future.

      Regarding the interview with the magazine you write for, that would be awesome. I’m up for this; just let me know what you have in mind and we can schedule a date.

      I wish you the best in your endeavors.

      Best Regards,

  3. I enjoy your success stories as business is a place where entrepreneurs have fun. They call it fun because they love doing it and I admire your strong will and determination.

  4. Your novel biography and track in the entrepreneurial journey are quite instructive. I had written you on your other blog with suggestion of serializing my book on entrepreneurship which will be syndicated in a few places.
    Wishing you the best.

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