With the rapid rate the internet is gradually becoming a part of our everyday life, it’s no secret that this has led to the birth of countless career opportunities and business niches to venture into.

If you are like the American who spends an average of 4.7 hours each day on the mobile phone, there are chances that a high percentage of your time is spent on the internet day in day out.

However, instead of spending twenty years each day chatting and blabbing away time with the rest of Facebook users, instead of jumping into every trend thereby helping smart entrepreneurs generate huge income without stress, it’s high time you consider turning yourself from being an internet freak to an internet entrepreneur.

If you are such an internet freak, below are lucrative business ideas to consider venturing into as an internet entrepreneur.

Most interesting, perhaps, is that most of the below business ideas can be used as a side job while you pursue your offline career. Or the fact that you can combine a number of them together to boost your earnings.

1. Internet marketer

Average annual pay: $42,792

Exposure is certainly what every brand seeks, whether a startup or a large brand. If you know your way around the web, or if you have access to platforms with a lot of audience, consider helping brands to market their products and services to a large audience.

2. Business analyst

Average annual pay: $91,512

The aim of every businessperson is to drive profit, but this is rather harder than it sounds. CEOs and Founders are humans too. They have their limitations.

To achieve their business goals, however, they need the assistance of smart individuals who can survey and analyze their business, their growth, their losses and also predict the expected outcome of the business based on the acquired statistics and analytics.

If your maths game is good and you are able to easily estimate possible outcomes based on acquired facts, consider jumping into this business field.

3. Web designer and developer

Average annual pay: $53,078

User interface and experience play a large role in growing an audience or bringing in customers to an online business.

As a result, most brand owners are always in search of skilled personnel with good programming knowledge to give their business website that wow-look that’ll bring in new converts and glue already existing customers to the brand.

If you have a good coding knowledge, or if you know how to use external attachments like plugins or widgets to make online platforms look good, you can earn yourself a decent living by landing yourself the right business deals.

A good example of this business venture is that of Aigars Silkalns, who built a successful theme providing brand, Colorlib, through which he showcase his custom designed themes for WordPress users’ free of use.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist

Average annual pay:  $42,931

Ranking higher on search engines is what every person/company who runs a blog or website craves.

However, most individuals or brand owners don’t know how to go about this.

Therefore, if you are good with keywords or if you know how to drive traffic to sites with quality backlinks and other SEO strategies, reach out to prospective clients and explain how your skills can boost their online presence and you could just land yourself a work-from-home dream job.

5. Visual assistant

Average annual pay: $15,000 per hour

The latest trend in the business sphere is the optimization of products, services, and the employees to make the workforce as flexible as possible.

To achieve this, large companies like Amazon, GitHub, WordPress and so many others are on a lookout for talented remote workers who can be of help to their brand in one way or the other.

Therefore, whichever skill you possess or field of expertise you have, ranging from technical skills like software programming to generic skills like writing, business analysis, link building, etc, reach out to prospective companies and you can be employed to work remotely at your convenience.

6. Blogging

Average annual pay: $24,086 to $33,577

What are your skills?

Are you a photographer, chef, farmer, business expert or what?

Consider using your skills to earn yourself a decent income source by blogging.

Blogging is the fastest growing online business venture with over 152 million blogs in the world.

It simply involves building an audience by writing about your interests, knowledge, ideas or even things you wish to learn.

Blogging is quite awesome as it gives you the “work-from-anywhere” freedom if you embrace it as your main income source.

7. Content writer

Average annual pay: $41,446

One major way to generate traffic, boost sales and maximize brand exposure is by writing quality, detailed contents for companies; either as products review or just informative contents to keep the company’s business website alive.

Most businesspersons, however, don’t often have the skills or time to create such contents. So, they outsource such sector to talented writers.

If you happen to be a really talented writer, pile up your portfolio with writing samples and show prospective companies how your writing service can be of help to their brand.

8. Social media manager

Average annual pay: $47,000

Individuals spend a large ratio of their time in social media platforms, day in day out. Hence, this makes social media the easiest and fastest means to gain exposure for a brand, or for a brand’s products and services because these individuals easily embrace whatever comes with the social media fun.

However, for a brand owner overseeing the most important aspects of the business, aspects like raising funds and improving the quality of the products, it’s often difficult for them to include subtle tools like social media to their marketing strategy.

But then, most companies have come to learn of the numerous benefits of social media and the way it easily skyrockets a company’s growth, hence, they are always on the lookout for geniuses who knows the ins and outs of social platforms to enable them to create and run a professional social presence.

9. Online Affiliate marketing manager

Average annual pay: $54,520

Perhaps you have a lot of Facebook Likes, Twitter or Instagram Followers, or a lot of YouTube or Email subscribers, you can monetize yourself by helping companies sell their products to your audience after which you’ll get a good percentage of the pay.

This works well for Social media “celebrities” who can easily gather a crowd with a single status update.

10. Graphic designer

Average annual pay: $41,428

Graphics remains the coolest way to pass a message across. Illustrations like infographics or good graphics within contents keep an audience glued and entertained while passing a message across.

If you know a few tweaks with graphic illustration tools, put your skills to use by helping companies achieve their graphic goals for a decent reward in return.

11. Software developer

Average annual pay: $68,947

Mobile use keeps dominating desktop use on so many levels; both in social media platforms, in the use of the internet and in so many other areas.

Therefore, this has bolstered the demand for handy apps to enable easy access to business websites and other online platforms.

CEOs may be business-savvy and have a good technical knowledge, they also have their limits. That’s to say, they can’t and don’t create these apps themselves.

They take the help of web developers, probably like you, who specialize on such things as mobile apps.

12. Cyber security engineer

Average annual pay: $96,759

With every improvement in technology, there’s also an increased rate of loss of companies’ data and files to hackers and malware.

Most often, large companies are more vulnerable to such risks because they are often targeted by hackers for a number of reasons.

If such hacks ever pull through, such large companies often stand to lose a lot. Hence, they keep a lookout for ethical hackers or cyber gurus to act as a firewall and keep their platforms safe and secured.

13. Business consultant

Average annual pay: $70,391

Knowledge is the foundational key to all success, and same goes for business.

To succeed in business, businesspersons need to gather as much knowledge on the field as possible.

What better way is there to accumulating this knowledge than from learning from business experts or business analysts who know how the business sphere runs, and also good knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Businesspersons hoping to thrive are always in search of such experts and mentors to guide them in the long-run.

14. Survey technician

Average annual pay: 15.73 per hour

In this 21st century, there are a lot of tips and tricks here and there, and everyone is overly opinionated.

Amidst these varying opinions and point of views, hard numbers, that is, numbers brought about by surveys, research, case studies, statistics and analysis, etc,  remains the most trustworthy.
Therefore, if you know of ways to analyze large results to get the average, or of ways to get the opinion of the majority, help companies gain a stronger stance by coming up with hard numbers that’ll bolster their claims and make their points unquestionable.

The world is filled with unlimited opportunities, especially in this digital age. Hence, utilize your technical knowledge to build a solid financial ground for yourself with any of the listed business ideas above, or even a combination of them.