In a world where the boom of entrepreneurial spirit amongst the masses is rather amazing, the most common tip from top successful individuals when asked the best career path to pursue is “do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

While this is absolutely true, it’s also a fact that a whole lot of individuals, both genders alike, wouldn’t mind sitting indoor all day long whenever a video game is in sight.

If you happen to be such an individual, there’s a high probability that you play video games for the fun and the “escape-from-reality” feeling it brings. Or you simply find it to be the most relaxing routine after the daily struggle.

But in our digital age where work-freedom is rapidly taking over the workforce, how amazing would it be to learn that you can actually turn your love for games into a livable career?

These ten ideas will teach you how.

An expert tip here is to ensure that before diverting your career focus to any of the below ideas, you have what it takes to go through it because most of the below ideas require a great deal of commitment, dedication and patience if you’re really planning on making it work.

So, if you’re looking for a quick income source, it’s best to look through other business ideas published on this site in order to not end up pursuing these gaming business ideas and end up hating the habitual gaming routine you once loved.

  1. Live streaming with Twitch

With Twitch, the leading video platform for gamers, you can create live streams of trending video games. Your goal is to create a huge audience that views and engages with your live streams.

With Twitch’s huge audience, it makes it totally easier to make money with sponsorships and ads upon building a large audience around your channel.

The only drawbacks are that you must be exceptionally good in order to beat the rest of the crowd and build a huge audience.

  1. Create podcasts and video shows

Run a consistent games video show to ensure a captive audience. If you are able to create a great new podcast episode consistently, syndicate it to YouTube, iTunes, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can play latest games, give hacks on old games, or show tutorials on trending games. You can monetize your podcast content through sponsorships and subscription-based membership.

  1. Test games for companies

If you are above 15 years, have a computer, and love video games then you can apply to Games companies to help them test new games.

You’ll have to play a particular game over and over to detect bugs or glitches before such game is released to the market.

Quite honestly, this might be a little tasking and somewhat stressful as you’ll be required to play the same episode a number of times in order to detect even the tiniest bugs and then give a constructive feedback that will help the company improve the game.

  1. Create game guides — video clips, ebooks

For a game guide, all you need is to play the game a number of times to take note of the secrets. However, most games are quite difficult to understand, talk more of understanding them enough to teach others.

After unlocking the secrets, record yourself playing the game in ways others can learn from.

After that, properly package your clips by adding special effects like Slo-mo where necessary, then format, convert and get it ready for worldwide distribution.

Your ebook can be sold on Amazon’s Kindle, iPad, Nook, Google Play, Kobo, and more online stores.

  1. Participate in pvp competitive gaming

You can earn a living by competing in online tournaments for cash prizes.

Major League Gaming, MLG, amongst other brands, organize a pvp competitive gaming through which you can make money online. Though the competition is often tough, winners take home a pretty huge sum of money.

  1. Venture into games journalism

You can try your hands on video games journalism. It is all about the reporting and discussion of video game trends.

You get engaged in core reveal, preview and eventual review of video games, and you will be earning your living doing these.

  1. Trade game points, characters and other items for money

You can venture into selling games items on games like Counterstrike, Team Fortress, and more on sites like Opskins, Swagbucks.

Though such game points are hard to earn, the fun in it is that you will be working towards earning yourself some money while actually enjoying yourself.

  1. Write/design for game companies

If your in-thing is to write or design video games then you are in business because there are a lot of companies craving for your services. Armed with your PC in the comfort of your home, you can work for such companies, earning yourself a decent living.

  1. Become a pro game coach/consultant

As a pro game coach, your business is to guide and lead gamers to win championships like the pvp competitive gaming championship stated above.

The more you lead players to win, the more your chances of getting more coaching/consultation opportunities and the more your chances of landing bigger gigs.

Also, as a credible games consultant, games companies may seek your expert opinion on their new products before such products are released to the market.

  1. Create an active gaming news/reviews blog.

People love to stay up-to-date with happenings in the gaming world. You can make a nice living passing the information across.

You can create a games review blog where people can visit on a regular basis to garner information.

Fortunately, creating a blog and making it user-friendly with plugins and the best theme platforms have become totally easy. You just have to learn to become a better writer with time.

After building an audience around your blog, sponsorship and ads will surely come flying in. Games companies can also bring their games to you to publicize them through your blog.

With any of the 10 ideas above, you can be making good bucks for yourself online as a pro gamer. All you need is to be very dedicated and consistent because none of the above ideas come easy. You have to dedicate time and put in a lot of effort, like every other occupation.