The Ultimate List of Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

This post is part of a list of over 500 blogs, in more than 25 categories that accept guest posts. You can find other blogs here: the ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts.

This is a list of top health blogs that accept guest posts. Feel free to check them out, share them with friends and comment on this article.


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Pagerank: 5

Mozrank: 5.94

Alexa rank: 3,000

How to Submit a Guest Post: First you must sign the guest writer’s agreement which is based on Mashable’s standard agreement. It’s also a requirement for Tim’s liability insurance. Posts should be 3,000 words or more. They won’t be accepted if they lack depth or are too short. Read this page for a list of requirements before submitting your guest post.



Pagerank:  6

Mozrank: 6.04

Alexa rank: 19,000

How to Submit a Guest Post: For guidelines on submission send an email to the tips department and they will be in touch.

This health and fitness blog is aimed at the young, savvy and social. For your post to be accepted, they should be short, fun, relatable, relevant and of high-quality.  



Pagerank:  6

Mozrank: 5.85

Alexa rank: 91,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  This blog is keen to hear from medical bloggers. You should have an interest and some experience in writing about science-based medicine. Before submitting a guest post contact one of the editors with your ideas. They are Dr. Gorski  and Dr. Novella. Read the contributor’s page for more details.



Pagerank:  7

Mozrank:  6.20

Alexa rank: 9,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Read the submission guidelines for information about guest posts. Article length should be between 750 and 1200 words. They only accept articles that are written for a general consumer audience. Email your post as a Word or word processing document. Attach your bio of fewer than 100 words to link back to your site.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  5.35

Alexa rank: 104,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Read the articles wanted page to find out about the topics that are featured on this blog. You also need to read the instructions on guest post article guidelines for a guide on the types of articles they publish. Complete the form on this page after you’ve read the requirements of guest posting. You can link back to your site after you’ve had 3 posts published.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  5.06

Alexa rank: 78,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Register and create an account and you’ll receive an email with your login details. Articles should be in the news reporting category of diet/fitness or weight loss with at least 600 words. But if your post is not news worthy, make sure it’s unique. Read the write for us page to get a full understanding of their guidelines.



Pagerank:  6

Mozrank:  5.29

Alexa rank: 32,00

How to Submit a Guest Post:  To find out how to get your article accepted read the ‘write for us’ guidelines. If you’re interested in writing for this blog, email them with some information about yourself. Make sure to include samples of the best articles that you would like to be published on their site. They’re looking for articles on fitness, health or relationships.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  4.61

Alexa rank: 144,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  The topics of your post should be about health, weight loss, fitness, nutrition or exercise related between 600 to 1000 words. You’re allowed one link in a 50 word bio. Submit your article by email for consideration. Read the write for us page for more details.



Pagerank:  6

Mozrank:  6.36

Alexa rank: 22,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Contact Barbara Ficarra here if you would like to submit a guest post. All posts should be original and sent in Microsoft Word format. Your bio should be 200 words or less. Read the how to submit a guest post page for more details.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  4.92

Alexa rank: 107,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Articles should be health related and no less than 1000 words. Register here to join the site as a guest article contributor. You’re allowed one ‘Do Follow’ link in your author bio. You can find more guidelines about submitting a guest post here.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  5.16

Alexa rank: 164,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Send an email with your guest post topic idea. Alternatively you can create a contributor account and submit your posts for review. The length of your post should be no more than 600 words. You’re allowed 2 promotional links at the end of your posts. Read their guidelines for more details.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  5.32

Alexa rank: 44,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  You must register for an account first. They’re interested in articles related to health and fitness. To get maximum exposure, consider submitting posts on current health news topics. You’re allowed 2 author bio links in your post of 500 words or more. More information is available on the article submission page.



Pagerank:  7

Mozrank:  5.19

Alexa rank: 51,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  This social media health blog has over 900,000 monthly page views. They’re interested in any topic related to healthcare. Posts should be about 500 words in length. Email your article to Kevin. You’re allowed a link in your post. You can read their guest post guidelines here.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  4.39

Alexa rank:  69,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Articles should be well researched of high quality and relevant to the blog. They’re looking for articles on natural solutions to health and beauty.  They have strict guidelines so check the categories before submitting. Complete the contact form with your submission ideas. Read the write for us page for more details.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  4.05

Alexa rank:  162,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Register as an author. Then download the article submission guideline. Finally, complete the form on the article submission page to send an article for submission. Include a short bio of 40 – 50 words.



Pagerank:  5

Mozrank:  5.54

Alexa rank:  150,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Due to the number of guest post submissions a $10 donation is required for you to submit a post. But that doesn’t guarantee acceptance. However, send a summary of 1 -2 sentences before you donate to find out if your post is likely to be accepted. Complete the contact form with your article idea. Please read the guest posting guidelines for more details.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  4.46

Alexa rank:  169,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Articles should be a minimum of 400 words. Contact them by email with a pitch about writing a guest post. You’re allowed one link in the author’s bio. Read the guest posts page for more information.



Pagerank:  1

Mozrank:  4.68

Alexa rank:  131,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Articles should be about alternative medicine, but focused on remedies. Study popular articles with the most comments and shares on social media to get ideas about the best content to write. Make sure to follow the 10 guidelines on how to write for this site.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  5.24

Alexa rank:  143,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  If you would like to be considered as a guest writer for this blog, contact Amanda. You can find her email address on this page. Include the topic that you’re interested in writing about with a link to your work.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  4.46

Alexa rank:  174,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Articles should be a minimum of 400 words. You’re allowed one link to be included in your bio.  Plus you can also link to authority sites such as Wikipedia and WHO. For further information please contact the admin on this page.


After publishing this post, here are some blogs readers have sent in:

1. The Health Cloud

Pagerank: 2

Guest blogging guidelines

If you’ve enjoyed The Ultimate List of Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posts, please share it with your writing friends.


 Description: The Lupus Guru is a blog dedicated to those who have suffered at the hands of lupus or at the hands of any chronic illness. There is support to be found, exchange of ideas and camaraderie which helps all of us to cope. There are articles on disability to be found, articles on various complications of lupus or other chronic illness and there is a lot of emphasis on ways to cope with a chronic illness, be it lupus or another illness. I have guest bloggers and welcome them. I can’t pay, but I offer guest bloggers a platform to try out their wings under their own byline I do request content to be about either health-related issues or coping with those issues or content related to that. No porn risqué content and spam; and all content inclusion is at the sole discretion of the blog owner.
Google PR: 3
Mozrank: 6.59
Alexa rank: 2,339,405

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  1. Thanks for the tips, i was looking for good health related sites to make some guest post, the only thing i have to do now is to writte good articles.
    I’m just wondering what is more powerfull to get good backlinks: blog comments or guest comments?

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    Zafu clane

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  3. Excellent list, I have bookmarked it. My blog is all about home remedies and I need back links from health related websites. Thanks for sharing.

    • Home Remedie, I’m the last on the list, but not last because I’m the least. I was just admitted on Friday, so I’d expect that inclusion. You’ve heard of the phrase, ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours?’ If you’d like, I’ll give you an opportunity to guest post on my blog or an image that is sliceable.-or both

      If you’d like me to post a guest post, just send it to me, if you’d like me to place a clickable image on my site, just tell me what the URL of the image is and what the URL is you’d like people to be taken to when they click the image.

      In the same token, can you provide a link to:
      image URL=
      and URL where’d I’d like people to go to:

      image URL:

      Forever grateful I’d be and please, don’t forget that I am only to happy to include guest blog posts. I can’t pay, but I can give you the forum you’d like, under the guidelines set forth (no porn or risqué content, content related to health care or issues related to healthcare or lupus-though it doesn’t need to be lupus. ANY chronic illness can be discussed, as I’m more about raising awareness of chronic illness.

      Over the weekend, someone e-mailed me about home remedies; I’ve not had time to figure out who that was from; YOU?

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  7. Thanks! I just submitted a guest post to! I appreciate you creating this list!

  8. Hi! I welcome guest posting for HealthDivas.TV on the following topics:
    – fashion
    – celeb diets / gossip
    – female leadership
    – career advice for women
    – psychology / emotional issues that women face
    – healthy recipes

    Target audience:
    – women
    – age: 20 to 35 years old

    In writing, max of 800 words

    Send a brief outline of your post, your number of subscribers, and number of FB and Twitter followers (with links).

    Email to:
    info @ healthdivas . tv

    I’m flexible and open to a variety of tones and writing styles.

    There’s an opportunity for you to become a regular guest blogger depending on audience response and comments generated.

    Look forward to reading you!


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  16. I have been looking for places where I can start guest blogging. I am relatively new in the health and weight loss niche so this will allow me to get exposure and learn a lot more about how to lose belly fat and which are the best weight loss programs to promote to my customers who are looking to lose weight – especially belly fat.

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    Technology News

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  21. Please keep in mind that accepts guest blog postings as well on their blog page.

  22. I’m not sure if this is ok or rude but I also accept guest posts and am looking for some over this spring/summer (2016) so feel free to get in touch!

    All the best, Amy.

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