The Ultimate List of Blogging Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

This post is part of a list of over 500 blogs, in more than 25 categories that accept guest posts. You can find other blogs here: the ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts.

This is a list of top blogging blogs that accept guest posts. Feel free to check them out, share them with friends and comment on this article.


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  • I’ve generated solid social proof and huge authoritative links for myself and my clients — getting on top publications like Business Insider, Adweek, Entrepreneur, and many more.

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Pagerank: 6

Mozrank: 6.53

Alexa rank: 3,000

How to Submit a Guest Post: Your post must offer quality and practical advice for the ProBlogger readers. It should be written exclusively for ProBlogger, include a headline, body text and byline. Consider these topics for your post; blog SEO, blog design, WordPress tips and tricks and monetization tactics and case studies. Write how-to and practical tips posts to educate readers on improving their blogging skills. Read this page for guidelines and submissions.







Pagerank: 6

Mozrank: 6.45

Alexa rank: 5,600

How to Submit a Guest Post: Post should be useful for the readers. This blog accepts posts connected to blogging, internet marketing or from  your own personal experiences. The minimum word count is 400. Your post should be original. You’re allowed one link to your website, which should be formatted. Send an email with your post inserted in the body or as a .doc attachment. More information on guest post guidelines can be found here.  

PS. and stopped accepting guest posts in 2013.


Pagerank:  4

Mozrank: 5.70

Alexa rank: 9,400

How to Submit a Guest Post: Register for an account. If everything is in order your account will be upgraded so that you can submit your post for review. Write a unique post using headings and subheadings. The word count is 300 to 1400 plus. You’re limited to 4 informative and relevant links but don’t include any affiliate links. Complete the contact us form with your questions.



Pagerank:  5

Mozrank:  4.4

Alexa rank: 83,000

Guidelines: Post has to be 1200 words long and link to other relevant resources. It should also be related to blogging and it has to have 1 picture inside it. Bio box will be included with 2-3 sentences



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  4.87

Alexa rank: 49,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Register for an account and complete your bio. Study the blog to make sure that your post fits within the niche topics. The minimum length is 500 words. Send your post idea via the contact us form. If it’s accepted, your account will be upgraded. More information is available from the write for us page.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  5.34

Alexa rank: 4,900

How to Submit a Guest Post: This blog is considered one of the top Indian blogs on blogging. Some of the topics they cover are blogging, SEO, WordPress and make money online. If your guest post is accepted, you can make money from their Adsense revenue sharing program. Articles should be relevant and you can include videos in your posts. Submit your post after creating an account via the WordPress dashboard or by email. Use the contact us form for your questions. Read the guest post guidelines here.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  5.25

Alexa rank: 25,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Your post should be written exclusively for this blog and be well structured. Simple list posts that don’t share relevant knowledge will not be accepted. Some of the popular topics are blogging, internet marketing, social media and SEO. Study the guest posts already published on this blog. Read the write for us page for more information on guest posts guidelines.



Pagerank:  5

Mozrank:  5.85

Alexa rank: 9,800

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Fill in the contact form to be considered for submitting guest posts to this blog. Supply background information about yourself, your writing experiences,  your blog and article topic ideas. Give details of your blog or link to some of the articles you’ve written. Here is an example of a published guest post. Check out the write for us page for more details.



Pagerank:  5

Mozrank:  6.05

Alexa rank: 46,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Fill in the contact us form to show your interest in writing for this blog. Give details of your topics and article ideas. Include links to some of your writing. If accepted, a link will be sent to you for registration. Posts should be unique with a minimum word count of 700. More information is available here.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  5.31

Alexa rank: 34,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  This blog is looking for actionable tips. Before you write, check the blog to make sure that the tips haven’t been covered already. You can link to your blog and social media sites. Include screen shots in your posts. There’s no minimum word count. Read the guest posting policy here.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  5.50

Alexa rank: 49,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  If you can write practical tutorials and offer useful advice that’s useful and original, you’ll stand a good chance of getting published on this blog. Read  learn how to blog to get an indication of the types of posts to write. Fill in the form on this page with your guest post ideas.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  5.21

Alexa rank: 95,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Articles about blogging tips, social media, traffic tips, SEO tips, content creation and make money online will stand a good change of getting accepted. Fill in  the contact us form to get your username for login. The minimum word count is 400 words and you’re allowed two links. More information about guest posting can be found here.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  5.45

Alexa rank: 18,000

How to Submit Guest Post:  There are two options for guest writers on this blog. You commit to contributing your guest posts weekly, every other week or monthly. The second option is to pay an insertion fee of $40 to submit your guest post. Read the Guest Posting Series for some tips. Your post must be relevant and benefit bloggers. Read here for the full guest posting guidelines.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  4.76

Alexa rank: 96,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  This blog has an ethical standard to support other blogs. Guest posts must maintain that high quality standard.  Posts must be relevant to blogging, blog tips and social media. Preferences are given to writers who want to make regular contributions. Send an email with your guest post suggestions.



Pagerank:  4

Mozrank:  4.72

Alexa rank: 10,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Register as a guest author on this blog to get an account. Topics of interest include blogging tips, tutorials, WordPress and social media. If you’re unsure about submitting a guest post, read ‘Should you Guest Blog?’ to help you decide. You’re allowed two links in your guest post. Read here for more information about writing for HellBound Bloggers.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  4.36

Alexa rank: 36,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  This blog follows strict guest posting guidelines. Articles should be unique and not published anywhere else on the internet. You’re allowed one link to your blog/website. Submit your guest post by email as a word or text file. Your bio should include a brief introduction about your blog/website.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  4.76

Alexa rank: 28,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  If you want your guest post to be accepted, write about topics that are relevant such as blogging tips, link building, traffic generation, list building SEO, content writing and internet marketing. Content should be original and the minimum word count is 650. You’re allowed two links in your bio. Submit your guest post by email as a .doc attachment. Read here for more information on submission guidelines.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  5.14

Alexa rank:  48,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  This blog is selective about who they accept as guest bloggers. They are looking for quality blogging tips which will be of benefit to their readers. Study content on this blog to familiarize yourself with the types of posts published. These two topics are still to be written, ‘Is Bookmarking Dead’ and ‘Are Blog Networks Still Effective?’ Use the contact us page to submit your guest post. Read the information here before submitting a guest post.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  5.68

Alexa rank:  89,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Although this blog is about blogging, WordPress, softwares and the web, they’re flexible about guest post content. However, they charge $50 to publish a guest post. You’re encouraged to read  Guest Blogging Gives you What Google Doesn’t. Submit your post via email as a .doc, .docx or txt document for it to be reviewed. Read more about guest post submission here.



Pagerank:  3

Mozrank:  4.81

Alexa rank:  19,000

How to Submit a Guest Post:  If your post is less than 800 words it won’t be considered. Topics should be based on the niche which is blogging, SEO, WordPress, affiliate marketing, traffic tips etc. You’re allowed up to two links. Create an account by registering. You can also email your guest post for review. Read the submit guest post page for more details.

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  1. Hi Joseph,

    I was browsing in search of information on guest posting as a link-building strategy and of course it has become difficult over the last year after Matt Cutts made the statement about its death. I am looking in particular for strategies in building up relationships through guest blogging and was wondering if you had any tips or suggestions I might take with me going forward?

    Thanks in advance!


  2. also looking for guest blogs.

    It is PR7 site and has alexa rank of 72k

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