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10 Young Entrepreneurs who Made Millions Before They Turned 20

Some entrepreneurs earn millions from their businesses. This is nothing unusual. However, earning millions before you leave your teens and hit the age of 20 is exceptional and rare. Most teenagers are busy studying hard at college or university to earn qualifications for their future. Others are starting out on the career ladder gaining relevant work experience. On the other hand, a few who are driven to succeed have big dreams. They aim for the moon and land among the stars leaving the less ambitious floating on the clouds.

So, why are the teenagers who are earning millions flying high? First, they have a vision, dream big, listen to valuable advice, take risks and work towards fulfilling their goals.

10 Most Prominent and Successful Business Men and Women

Are you on the fence about setting up a new business? Be inspired by these successful business men and women. They wanted a better life. And so, they worked to make that life a reality. Hard work, perseverance and a clear vision helped them build successful businesses from nothing.

Instead of throwing in the towel and accepting defeat, they battled on. A lot of them struggled through poverty, dysfunctional family lives and lack of education. However, despite challenges, they endured. Some went on to build million and billion dollar businesses.

6 Profitable One Man Business Ideas

one man business ideas

The uncertainties of the economy seem to be taking a toll each passing day, creating different shades of stories from the government and employers each day as regards employee wages. Rather than being at the mercy of job givers, you can be one of those who have taken up the challenge of being in control of their finances. Truth is, regardless of the happenstances in the economy, businesses are still in operation and smart business owners are smiling to the bank. The better part of this is, you don’t necessarily need a village to have that financial independence, you can dive into the business oceans, alone, and have a very good swim. And that’s because there are some one man business ideas that are specifically made for single individuals to go into without suffering any risks.

4 Highly Profitable Business Ventures You Should Get Into Today

As someone who teaches others how to spot and take advantage of profitable business ideas, I’m very particular about the businesses I venture into.

I got into business a few years ago through my online business, and the profit margin witnessed from my online business was so astronomical that I made up my mind not to go into businesses that aren’t very profitable.

By rule, I only invest in businesses with a profit margin of up to 100% typically within a year or two; I can make exceptions and invest in businesses with a profit margin of around 50% if it requires large capital upfront and can yield returns within a short period of time (I mean, months).

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