By Kristina Tuvikene


Image by Katie White from Pixabay

The holiday season is here, and if there’s anything the data is pointing to it is this: thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying restrictions, e-commerce will be such a big deal during the 2020 holiday season compared to previous years.

Already, cybercrime is up 600 percent thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and indications show that things will only get worse.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, an estimated 2.05 billion people shopped online.

This number is poised to go up, however: data from American Express’s 2020 Amex Trendex Report indicates that at least 60 percent of holiday shoppers will be spending their holiday season at home this year because of COVID-19.

Increased focus on e-commerce this holiday season means there’ll be increased attempts from cybercriminals.