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7 Young Entrepreneurs Create New Innovations in Africa

Go-getting young entrepreneurs are putting Africa on the map. They are under 30 with fresh, innovative business mindsets. Many may not recognize their names; nevertheless, they are making progress in the African business world. They’re shrewd, alert, focused and prepared to dive into new unexploited opportunities.

Let’s see who they are and how they’re making an impact in the African industry…


4 Highly Profitable Business Ventures You Should Get Into Today

As someone who teaches others how to spot and take advantage of profitable business ideas, I’m very particular about the businesses I venture into.

I got into business a few years ago through my online business, and the profit margin witnessed from my online business was so astronomical that I made up my mind not to go into businesses that aren’t very profitable.

By rule, I only invest in businesses with a profit margin of up to 100% typically within a year or two; I can make exceptions and invest in businesses with a profit margin of around 50% if it requires large capital upfront and can yield returns within a short period of time (I mean, months).

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