Home Based Business Ideas: 10 Businesses to Start from Home

home based business ideas

While others have to deal with the stress that comes with keeping up with a 9-5 job, running to beat traffic, keeping late nights at work and risking being fired for showing up late, others live in a different world, going about their business, effortlessly, from the comfort of their home. They simply sit at home and set the ball rolling for money to start flowing in. Isn’t that great? Identifying the best home business based ideas could be the beginning of a good way to start making money without leaving your house.

Looking for the best home based business ideas? Look no further as this article has all the answers to your puzzle:

  1. Home meal delivery

If you’ve got some cooking skills, then you could make cool cash from it as some people can’t boast of having any cooking skills while others don’t have the time to cook wherein those skills exist.

Creating a hygienic environment, in your home, where you’d be doing your cooking, settles the issue of location. Once delicious meals are prepared in a clean environment, you’d be in business.

  1. Virtual Assistant

The development in ICT comes with lots of benefits, creating jobs for many. And one of these jobs, is that of a Virtual Assistant. You can become an Assistant to someone, without necessarily being physically present in their office, but from the four walls of your home.

There’s a market for this business as employers are always in search of contract workers because they are more affordable than full time workers.

  1. Consultancy

Do you have expertise in an area that you can give others credible advice on? If your answer is yes, then you could be a consultant from the comfort of your home.

In this business, people are more concerned about the validity of your counsel. If they get results from consulting with you, location isn’t a barrier. You should create a clean an open space in your home, where people can be comfortable when they pay you a visit. Keep it professional.

  1. Warehousing

This is one easy business to start from your home if you have some extra space to spare. Some businesses need places to store their goods for some time. When you approach them, the deal is as good as sealed.

To do this, you’d have to ensure safety of these goods and keep proper inventory of goods flow, to avoid issues of missing products.

  1. Cleaning services

Many homes and offices need regular cleaning, and inhabitants of these places are willing to pay for the services.

Obviously, the location of your office isn’t what does the cleaning, but your manpower and equipment. Having a few competent employees and the right tools are basically what you need to meet clients needs.

  1. Hauling Services

There are many things to haul around you. There is refuse dump which people don’t like to leave around for long because of bad smell, purchased goods from warehouses to stores and even home appliances when people move houses.

With a specious truck, you can move around these huge loads, which translates to huge money.

  1. Gardening

What better place to start a gardening business than your home? Flowers are becoming more fashionable by the day as people use them to express themselves in different ways.

Growing different variety of beautiful flowers will open your doors to flowers shops and private individuals to patronize you. You can even supply your flowers directly to event planners and organizations on a bigger scale and make bigger money.

  1. Photography

The need for still and motion pictures has come to stay as they capture beautiful moments that are worth remembering in the future. There’s hardly an event without a photographer nowadays.

Since this is a mobile business, your home can be your office where you keep you equipment and meet with clients when necessary. With a good cameras and shooting skills, where your office is, wouldn’t matter.

  1. House/office organizer

While everyone loves well decorated buildings, we all aren’t blessed with the skills to achieve that. If you have the knack for putting things in the right places, you could channel that into a profitable business.

The job requires you to go to clients and transform their buildings. So, where you are coming from, doesn’t really matter, as long as you show up on time and give clients what they want.

For starters, create a professional portfolio that showcases beautiful designs you can create. To achieve good results, you must understand clients’ needs. Make a questionnaire that answers questions regarding their tastes, likes and uses of the space to guide you in creating designs.

  1. Day Care

With parents having to work, they need people to look after their kids in their absence. However, you need to gain their trust for them to leave their kids in your care.

Creating a hygienic and safe environment is a good start. When parents visit your home, it should look appealing enough to convince them to leave their kids there. You’d need to start with looking after kids of family and friends who trust you already. When you do a good job, they can give you good referral.

The advantages that come with home based businesses are enormous, but one that tops the charts is that you get to save a lot of money which would have been spent on renting an office space. The best home based business ideas are the ones that are service oriented, and that’s because when you offer services, location is of little importance, so, you aren’t missing out on much.


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