Guest Blogging Tactics is Now Effective Business Ideas

If you stumbled on this blog at a point in the past 2 years, probably due to this massive list of blogs that accept guest posts or some other article published on this blog, you might be familiar with “Joseph Oni”.

Perhaps at some point you even decided to check out the about page and came across the following introduction:

I started this blog as a part of a challenge I’m currently participating in and under the pseudonym of Joseph Oni.

You probably have a lot of questions, such as:

  • Who is the real owner of this blog?
  • What challenge was the blog a part of, and what is the status?

I’ll be answering your questions in this article, as well as telling you more about the future of this blog.

Who is the real owner of this blog?

I am Bamidele Onibalusi, a Nigerian entrepreneur and the founder of popular writing blog, Writers in Charge; a blog that has been read by over a million people since it’s inception.

I have been featured in several reputable publications including, Digital Journal, etc. I’ve also contributed to some of the world’s top blogs such as Business Insider, and amongst others.

You can read more about me on this blog’s about page.

What challenge was the blog a part of and what is the status?

In 2012, I started a public blogging challenge to build a blog that will generate four figures in freelance income within 3 months.

In other to make the challenge as relatable and practical as possible, I knew I had to start completely from scratch; now, at that point, I had made a name for myself online. My blog was being read by over 30,000 people monthly and I had been featured on, interviewed by Digital Journal and I had contributed to several reputable sites like Business Insider and

A lot of top blogs recognize my name, and using that same name to promote this new blog will give me an unfair advantage; the only solution was to use a pseudonym, so I decided to go for Joseph Oni.

Joseph is my middle name, and Oni is a shortened version of my surname “Onibalusi”. That was how I decided on the name “Joseph Oni”.

The public challenge was a MASSIVE success; I reached my goal in 2 months, and I believe – at the very least, based on the premise of that public challenge – Guest Blogging Tactics was a massive success over the past 2 years.

It has gotten hundreds of thousands of views within this period and has resulted in five figures in freelance income for me, despite me personally spending less than 80 hours on the site total since it was established. That’s equivalent to 2 weeks of serious work for the results it has gotten; in my book, that’s a success.

Why Guest Blogging Tactics Will be Rebranded to Effective Business Ideas

In the past few years, I have experienced a lot of life changes.

I started to take interest in fish farming and as a result started a commercial fish farm. I also did some real estate investing and learnt quite a bit about that, I observed more about business deals being done offline and started to move with several smart and highly successful businesspeople.

Here are some reasons why I have decided to rebrand this blog:

  • I’m passionate about fish farming and want to start a fish farming blog.
  • I want to talk about my real estate investment endeavors as well.
  • I know several successful poultry business owners, it is a business I’d like to get into later this year or sometimes next year, and I’d love to write about this as a business endeavor as well.
  • Most importantly, my passion for guest blogging has significantly reduced over the past few years; I still love it, and I plan to do a lot more guest posts this year than I’ve done in a single year before, but I see it as just what it is, a tactic. A very small one at that.

Most importantly, I have given the blog lackluster attention over the years, and I attempted to give it some life by having Karol contribute to it every Wednesday – and his contributions are awesome by the way!

However, I am now very passionate about business, both offline and online, and I want to talk about it. I can’t start another blog knowing fully well that I am not giving this the best of my attention, and it’s one hell of a challenge managing 3 different blogs while running an offline business amongst other things.

I was thinking about the solution to this dilemma when I thought to myself; “why not create a blog that talks about business, both online and offline?” That was how the idea for Effective Business Ideas was born.

I also know it would be difficult to give it my full attention unless I make it a part of my “identity”, which was why I decided to scrap the pseudonym and run it under my real name. I believe I’ve proven the point I wanted to prove by using the pseudonym two years ago.

This way, you will still have access to the list of blogs that accept guest posts, which probably attracted you to this blog in the first place, and I’ll be more actively involved in this project.

Now, I can write about fish farming as a form of business without having to start a new blog for it that might eventually fail. I can write about my real estate business endeavors and share lessons I have learned with others without having to start a real estate blog that will most likely fail. I can write about other future business endeavors that I will be involved in – and I’ll be involved in a lot.

You can take this blog as 3 more more different blogs in one; these are 3 different blogs I do not have to start, so I can give this one blog, a combination of all 3 blogs, the attention it deserves.

Most importantly, I can write about online business which is what attracted most of the existing readership of this blog; in fact, in line with this, I have already written and will be publishing a few killer case studies soon. Such as a case study on how I got 1,200 EXTRA subscribers in 2 months with just 30 minutes of work, and how I discovered a formula for an article that has resulted in at least 250,000 visitors through just 4 articles. Stay tuned for those in the next week or two!

I’d Love to Have You Continue this Journey With Me

The experiment under which this blog was started has been a massive success, and it has been a huge pleasure having you on board.

It is my goal to make this blog the foremost resource for business owners worldwide, and I’d love to have you continue this journey with me.


Bamidele Onibalusi


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  1. I guessed as much when I first came to this website because I can feel the rhythm and the style of your writing – everything looks similar to that of the real (Oni 🙂 ).

    Thanks brother for changing the world of guest blogging because you made me believe in the system and I’m looking forward to learning more effective business ideas that will put in more income into my pocket and help the world at large.

    – Daniel

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