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Download the “10 Business Rules to Obey” eBook

I recently published an article here titled “10 Business Rules You Should Live By“.

The article was well-received, and I believe the principles outlined in that article should not be ignored by any business.

As a result, I have turned the article into a short ebook that you can download, read at your convenience without having to visit this site and that you can print and have nearby always.

10 Business Rules to Obey eCover

Just click on the download link below; you’ll need to enter your email address to download the ebook.

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Guest Blogging Tactics is Now Effective Business Ideas

If you stumbled on this blog at a point in the past 2 years, probably due to this massive list of blogs that accept guest posts or some other article published on this blog, you might be familiar with “Joseph Oni”.

Perhaps at some point you even decided to check out the about page and came across the following introduction:

I started this blog as a part of a challenge I’m currently participating in and under the pseudonym of Joseph Oni.

You probably have a lot of questions, such as:

  • Who is the real owner of this blog?
  • What challenge was the blog a part of, and what is the status?

I’ll be answering your questions in this article, as well as telling you more about the future of this blog.

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