List of Blogging Tips Blogs that Accept Guest Posts in 2015

The following are blogs about blogging that accept guest posts. This list has been checked and verified for 2015:

1. Boost Blog Traffic

Mozrank: 5.6

Domain Authority: 55

Alexa Rank: 18,989

Guidelines: They accept articles about blogging, writing or traffic generation. This is not your average blog, though, and they have a strong editorial process that focuses strictly on quality contributions. They have a preference for list posts and ultimate guides. Their audience consists mainly of bloggers, freelance writers and small business owners and your articles will be exposed to tens of thousands of readers upon publication. You will be allowed a link in your bio, and sometimes a relevant link inside the guest post itself.

2. Daily Blog Tips

Mozrank: 6.43

Domain Authority: 79

Alexa Rank: 20,967

Guidelines: They accept original blogging related articles and will allow a link back to your website in the bio. It can sometimes take up to 2 weeks to hear back from them upon submission of your guest post to them.

3. 12 Most

Mozrank: 54

Domain Authority: 5.8

Alexa Rank: 145,746

Guidelines: Just as the site name indicates, accepts articles starting with “12 Most…”. Their aim is to regularly publish unique articles that features 12 items, and blogging happens to be one of the verticals they accept guest posts in.

4. Famous Bloggers

Mozrank: 4.93

Domain Authority: 50.4

Alexa Rank: 62,562

Guidelines: A blog with over 80,000 pageviews monthly, Famous Bloggers accepts articles related to blogging. They prefer articles to be in the 300 – 1,400+ words range and you’ll have to register an account on their blog to be able to submit your article.

5. Blogelina

Mozrank: 5.08

Domain Authority: 46

Alexa Rank: 73,206

Guidelines: They accept unique content about blogging in the form of tips, tutorials or blogging deals and freebies. You can submit your pitch through the form on their guest blogging page.
6. Successful Blogging

Mozrank: 5.11

Domain Authority: 42

Alexa Rank: 86,647

Guidelines: To be published here, you need to email the editor with a two-sentence bio, a link to your blog and an headline for the post you plan to submit. You will be asked to proceed with an outline and then possibly the full post if they like what you proposed.
7. The SITS Girls

Mozrank: 6.39

Domain Authority: 69

Alexa Rank: 33,481

Guidelines: Whether it is a blogging tip, social media tip, traffic tip, DIY tutorial or an inspirational post, The SITS Girls is on the look out for quality guest posts. They also require that you include an image with your guest post, and they prefer posts to be around 350 – 1,000 words.
8. Blogger Sentral

Mozrank: 5.66

Domain Authority: 59.45

Alexa Rank: 35,259

Guidelines: They accept articles about blogging, SEO, social media, monetization, traffic generation as well as other blogging related topics. They allow 2 links with your guest posts but the links are nofollow. They prefer articles to be around 700 words and they want you to send them the article directly if you have it already.
9. One Cool Site Blogging Tips

Mozrank: 5.86

Domain Authority: 44.44

Alexa Rank: 122,772

Guidelines: They accept articles about anything related to blogging and allow a link back to your site in the article bio. They won’t accept guest posts written for SEO or commercial purpose.
10. Ogbonge Blog

Mozrank: 4.86

Domain Authority: 37

Alexa Rank: 44,319

Guidelines: They accept tutorials and tips about blogging, social media, digital marketing and making money online. They prefer guest posts to be at least 350 words and are strict about not wanting guest posts to be promotional in any way.
11. Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

Mozrank: 5.3

Domain Authority: 49

Alexa Rank: 118,773

Guidelines: They accept articles related to blogging and are particular about the post being family friendly. It is also important that content submitted to them is new and original, that hasn’t been published before elsewhere.
12. BlogDash

Mozrank: 5.07

Domain Authority: 49.4

Alexa Rank: 42,406

Guidelines: BlogDash is a blogger outreach site, and they are looking for blogging articles from blogger outreach experts to their blog. Their audience consists mainly of PR agencies, brands and online businesses. You can either contribute a one off guest post or become a regular contributor.
13. Blogging Spell

Mozrank: 4.47

Domain Authority: 28.27

Alexa Rank: 218,525

Guidelines: You have to go through a review process before you are able to contribute a guest post. You need to send them the bio you plan to use in your post, your blog URL, 3 sample guest posts you have published before on other blogs and the title of your proposed guest post.

Once you have submitted the above requirements, you will be approved to continue with the guest post.
14. Hell Bound Bloggers

Mozrank: 5.73

Domain Authority: 41

Alexa Rank: 44,432

Guidelines: You can submit articles about blogging, social media and other related topics. You will need to register an account with the site to be able to contribute a guest post.
15. Small Biz Trends

Mozrank: 6.24

Domain Authority: 83

Alexa Rank: 9,432

Guidelines: You need to reach out to them first with information about your areas of expertise, two to three topics you’d like to write about, a link to your website and samples of articles you have written before.

They are not looking for one-off guest posts. Instead, they are looking for regular contributions from people who can contribute original articles.
16. Techi Gyaan

Mozrank: 4.37

Domain Authority: 21

Alexa Rank: 457,236

Guidelines: They accept articles about blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, social networking, etc. They require you to have your own blog before you contribute and that your articles be a minimum of 500 words.
17. All Blogging Tips

Mozrank: 5.64

Domain Authority: 41.28

Alexa Rank: 25,460

Guidelines: They accept articles about blogging, SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, making money online and other related topics. Posts must be at least 700 words and can be accompanied with up to 2 backlinks. It’s also important that you reply to comments made on your articles or it might be removed.
18. Tweak Your Biz

Mozrank: 5.98

Domain Authority: 53

Alexa Rank: 27,647

Guidelines: They accept articles about business, marketing, blogging and related topics. They require you to submit an article every 60 days and articles should be at least 1,000 words.

19. Fine Art Tips

Mozrank: 5.39

Domain Authority: 41

Alexa Rank: 246,946

Guidelines: They accept articles about blogging tips, social media, SEO or inspiration. Articles need to be around 400 – 800 words, and you can include a link back to your blog in your bio. You can submit your guest post through the form on the guest blogging page.

20. Universal Blogging Tips

Mozrank: 4.14

Domain Authority: 29.36

Alexa Rank: 78,669

Guidelines: They accept articles about blogging, SEO, social media, internet marketing and other related topics. Articles must be original and should have at least 700 words. You can only have one link back

21. Blog Engage

Mozrank: 4.29

Domain Authority: 53

Alexa Rank: 16,392

22. Nancy Badillo

Mozrank: 4.56

Domain Authority: 29.56

Alexa Rank: 110,794

23. GrowMap

Mozrank: 5.27

Domain Authority: 59.77

Alexa Rank: 71,429

24. Smart Bloggerz

Mozrank: 4.64

Domain Authority: 38.39

Alexa Rank: 148,889

25. Blogging Shout

Mozrank: 28.38

Domain Authority: 3.25

Alexa Rank: 15,402


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  1. Aashish Sharma


    Do include my blog, i do accept guest authors.-

  2. Hello!

    I am accepting Guest Post. I am an experienced SEO specialist for 7 years and a blogger/ owner of I would like to express my interest to be included on your list here.

    Thank you and hoping for your response.

    -Baloydi [Topics on: WordPress and SEO]

  3. Hi,

    It’s neat, because guest posting is going back to the old school approach of building relationships, forming bonds and helping both parties in the process. There is nothing wrong with building links as a natural by-product of adding value and forming connections. Smart post here.

    But people were making huge mistake by taking it just for the sake of link building, which is completely wrong, It reduce the quality of guest posts.

    So, Do your homework. Reach as big as crowd as possible. And of course, make sure the crowd wants to know what you have to say because smart guest bloggers hyper target their audience with a strategic guest blogging strategy.

    I used to hit the heavies like for a tremendous networking opportunity, and also, to build bonds with Darren Rowse and his co-bloggers at PB. It sure hasn’t hurt me in the social proof department either, as I’ve received some nice pop for being published on problogger 3 times.

    All techniques make sense here. Put in the legwork to find the right blog to build an intelligennt, effective approach to guest posting. Think about the specific audience you wish to reach before bothering to write a guest post.

    Thanks for sharing the awesome tips.

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