In the end of 2015 TemplateMonster initiated a campaign that many of us could have never dreamed about. Promos and discounts provided by the biggest and well-established developer of website templates have become habitual to the web users. The online community was holding breath in anticipation of something terrific. And finally this day has come. Back on October 1st TemplateMonster initiated a contest that will be running through the entire year 2016. The competition is all about sharing a 10% promo-code on any TemplateMonster’s theme among your friends and social media followers with the purpose of collecting points, which can be further exchanged for the iPhone 6, Macbook Pro, Harley Davidson Street or even Tesla Model S.


Terms and Conditions of the Contest

Any person aged 18 or older can participate in the contest, with no restrictions of religion, nationality, personal preferences or whatsoever. You can enroll even if you have never used a website template or downloaded one from TemplateMonster. All that you will need to do in order to participate is a valid email, which you will need to enter during the registration and that’s all. Basically, all the rest will be done for you. Leaping ahead we will say that there will be no need in thinking about the text of the message that you will possibly require to spread the word about the promo-code among your friends! This and a whole lot of other cool add-ons will be granted to you for free. However, let’s put first things first.

Registration. In order to become a participant of the contest, visit the official web page of the Stock Capital contest and find a large blue “Register Me Now” button. Enter your email address, read terms and conditions of the contest, and complete the registration. Next, go and check your email inbox for your personal promo-code and login details. As soon as you receive the confirmation, get back to the Stock Capital contest to enter your login and password. From this moment you can keep track of the number of your promo-code usages via your profile.

Share your 10% promo-code with friends. The more times your promo-code is used, the more points you will get on your personal account. 1 sale equals 1 point for you. How can you share the promo-code? This can be done in literally any way that you want. TemplateMonster offers you to spread the word about the promo on your social media accounts while sharing memes, text messages and demotivators. Another way to notify your friends about the promo is to send an email with its brief overview. The best part about it all is that all texts, email, memes and demotivators have been already created for you. Just grab any and use as much as you wish.


When and how to get the prize? Each prize can be exchanged for a certain amount of points that are automatically given to you for every promo-code usage. In order to check the total sum of your points, track the promo-code via your Social Capital account. The entire list of prizes will be also showcased in your profile. Opposite to every prize, you can see a button, which changes its color to green as soon as you have enough point to get it. The number of prizes that you can win is not limited. The more times your promo-code is used, the more points you get, and the more chances to win more valuables prizes you have.

Contest timeline. The competition will be running through the entire 2016, up till December 31st.


Based on the number of points that you collect, you will be able to choose from 8 different prizes.

• For 10 points you will get $100 on your PayPal account

• 20 points – Pebble Smartwatch

• 50 points – iPad Mini

• 100 points – iPhone 6

• 250 points – Canon EOD 6D

• 500 points – Macbook Pro

• 1,000 points – Harley Davidson Street

• 10,000 points – Tesla Model S


Mind that you are the only one to decide when your points should be exchanged for prizes. If your promo-code has been used for 30 times (a total of 30 points), you have the right to get 2 prizes – 1 for 10 points and another for 20. If you wish, you can keep on collecting the points till it’s enough to get a more valuable prize.

Basically, that’s all that we wanted to highlight about the Social Capital contest from TemplateMonster in this post. Go ahead, get registered, provide your friends with a 10% discount on any TemplateMonster’s theme, collect points, and win. The year has only started, so you still have a lot of time to get your dream prize.