one man business ideas

The uncertainties of the economy seem to be taking a toll each passing day, creating different shades of stories from the government and employers each day as regards employee wages. Rather than being at the mercy of job givers, you can be one of those who have taken up the challenge of being in control of their finances. Truth is, regardless of the happenstances in the economy, businesses are still in operation and smart business owners are smiling to the bank. The better part of this is, you don’t necessarily need a village to have that financial independence, you can dive into the business oceans, alone, and have a very good swim. And that’s because there are some one man business ideas that are specifically made for single individuals to go into without suffering any risks.
Here are some great one man business ideas to tap into for financial independence:
1. Ecommerce Store
Humans have numerous needs and they strive to satisfy these needs by buying things. What you need, is to be able to identify these needs, and you can be sure of making sales. Ask yourself: what products do people need?
You don’t need a thousand bucks to rent a fancy store to start a business these days, setting up you own store takes just a few clicks on the computer; it’s often as simple as registering a domain name and choosing good web hosting. Gone are the days when you need to set up your own website and worry about driving traffic to it, to make sales.

With several popular online stores, you simply register with them, create your own store on their platform and sell your products, offering them an agreed percentage of your sales. They bring customers to you and you make sales. It’s a win-win situation for all.

2. Food Truck
Food business is one of the oldest businesses that don’t go out of fashion because it is one of the basic human needs.
Nowadays, you don’t need to have a fancy restaurant to be an operator in food business. People are becoming more creative with their selling skills, by taking the food to the consumers, rather than wait for them to come to them, and consumers have received this strategy very well as it saves them the trouble of having to go get food when they don’t have the time.
You don’t want to be left with plenty of your food at the end of the day, which will result to a huge loss, so, it’s important that you prepare something that appeals to most people. What do people don’t mind eating on a busy day? Keep it simple and delicious.

3. Laundry

You and everyone else around you are wearing clothes, aren’t they? Well, the need for wearing clothes isn’t going away anytime soon. As long as clothes are worn, they’d get dirty and everybody cannot do the cleaning by themselves for different reasons.
This business doesn’t require a team, you can start out on your own. With one or two washing machines, the job will be less stressful. What matters is that clients’ clothing are sparkling when they receive them.
To succeed in this business, you must be one who has a knack for laundry; otherwise, you’d be exhausted as soon as you start.

4. Consulting
Information is power. One person cannot know it all, and as such, we need the professional counsel of experts, when we venture into fields we aren’t conversant with.
Consulting is arguably the most comfortable one man business idea. The reason is that it gives you full control without putting you through undue stress. But first, you must have something valuable to offer. It requires a high level of knowledge in a particular area, which you’d offer to clients, to achieve desired results.
Being the one dishing the professional counsel, you don’t need other people to stay in business. With effective planning, you can manage your daily activities.
5. Residential Cleaning
Our homes need some cleaning on a daily basis. While some people can get it done, others would rather have someone do it as long as they can afford pay for it.
The idea is to focus on cleaning only homes as the average home can be properly cleaned by one person, without them breaking down. When you have the right cleaning tools, your job will be easier and faster. You need to invest in your business, by ensuring that you have every tool needed for specific cleaning activities, so you don’t experience undue fatigue by doing things manually, when you could have done them with a machine.

6. Personal Trainer
Everybody wants to keep fit these days because it’s healthy. For one who loves to keep fit, this will be an easy one. You get to do something you love, having fun and making some money from it.
As a Personal Trainer, you can have some clients you work with, at different times on in combined sessions. What you need, is a schedule for your daily sessions.
The business world of today has a lot of opportunities that allow people to choose what suit them best. While going into a business partnership may work for others, going solo is what others prefer as it avails them the opportunity to do things their way and on their own terms. With one man business ideas, you don’t have to worry about paying salaries of employees, especially when you are just starting out.