With the world having become tech-savvy, millions of opportunities have cropped up for any discerning mind especially new graduates to harp on and make ends meet even before getting hired.

These opportunities come in the form of side gigs especially on the part of new graduates. It is no longer the in-thing for fresh graduates to solely depend on their parents for every cent they want to spend.

They can go out there, get themselves engaged in one form of online or offline side gig pending the time they are hired. These opportunities come in their hundreds and only a lazy bone will not have one thing or the other to do.

Some new graduates have even gone ahead to make the side gigs they embarked upon while waiting for hired jobs a permanent stuff and have worked on it to give it a startup status.

The reason for this is not far-fetched since a lot of these guys are brimming with innovative ideas and are only waiting for the slightest opportunity to put into practice a handful of the information they have stuffed up in their brains.

If you are a new graduate and you are looking for an effective side gig to get yourself engaged in to make some handsome bucks, one of the following 16 best side gigs will definitely come in handy.

  1. Online tutoring

There are a whole lot of students out there who are in dire need of tutors to take them up in private lectures.

Some of the typical classroom topics you can take up are Maths, Science, and English. You can also venture into topics like Econometrics and Javascript programming.

If you find it a bit difficult to start up your own tutoring programs, you may want to get hired by some established outfit who will engage your services, link you up to prospective students and pay up at the end of the day.

What you require besides your knowledge is your PC with a functional internet source.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one way you can apply your intellectualism as a new graduate who is seeking for a side gig. You may not necessarily need to set up your own blog as you can guest blog for the many magazines, websites, and blogs that pay writers.

All it takes from you is to come up with a good content that is especially well researched and factual. Once your content goes live you will be paid for it. Some blogs will pay you per page while others may decide to pay per word.

  1. Computer repairs

The report in 2014 that overall, 84% of U.S. households own a computer and 73% of U.S. households have a computer with a broadband connection to the internet is anything to go by.

This is, therefore, a golden opportunity for those who venture into computer repairs.

Expectedly, there must be a breakdown from time to time and we can’t expect everyone to throw away any computer that breaks down. Some people can’t afford to do so and must try to repair their broken systems.

This number is large indeed to create enough job opportunities for new graduates who decide to venture into computer repairs.

  1. Online content writing

As a new graduate, you must be brimming with ideas and innovations. Online content writing will offer you the opportunity to put your ideas across and get paid for it.

Check out stuff you can write on and put your pen to paper, only this time around you will be using your PC armed with the internet.

  1. Sell stock photos

If you happen to be a good photographer and don’t know what you can do with those wonderful shots you take from time to time; then get ready to start making money with your shots.

If you are well equipped for the business, you can rest assured that there are websites that will help you to get a sound footing in stock photography. Websites like Unsplash, Pixabay, are all included. They will help to promote your work, giving you free exposure to the world of photography.

After garnering more experience in the field, you can then create your own stock photos site and sell your shots, or submit your shots to sites that sell stock photos.

  1. Web designing

Can you create an amazing landing page for sites? Can you build up an online business design from scratch?

As businesses continually strive to enjoy the easy exposure and publicity the internet brings, expert web designers tend to land more works and make a good living off of their talent.

Think of the numerous successful online businesses that have been built off of site add-ons like plugins and theme platforms, businesses like Jetpack, Yoast SEO, Colorlib and more, and you’ll fully understand that web design is the way to go if you are able to prove your credibility in the field.

As a web designer, you will need to create, update, and manage website elements. If you can do this, what is left of you is to have an excellent client-relations skill and you’re good to go.

  1. Sell on eBay

For a side gig, you can try out your hands at selling on eBay. This can be both fun and financially rewarding. You don’t need to be a pro at buying and selling to get into this line of business and you can do it incognito.

The basic requirements you need are to set up a seller account, create a listing, manage your listing, and eventually wrap up the sale with your buyer.

The items you sell can be bought online from different auctions and you don’t necessarily need to know the going price of items in the market. You can get more offers by setting up an auction.

To make a greater impact, always remember that photographs speak volumes. Therefore, endeavor to put up professional quality photographs that will meet up with eBay’s photograph requirements.

You also may need to communicate with potential buyers from time to time, since they may have some angles they will want to be clarified on. You will need to specify the method and amount you will use for shipping a particular item to the potential buyer. This will go a long way to enhance your sale.

You need to realize that the more options you have for payment, the better your chances of making a sale and finally you must be businesslike and pay your taxes as required.

  1. Venture into Estate sales

Have you ever given a thought to the fact that you can make a lot of money helping people to offload all those stuff they consider to be too much? You can do that by going into estate sales as a side gig.

The truth is that people always have things to sell from time to time. These items are put up for sales probably as a result of someone’s death, divorce, long-distance moves, and/or bankruptcy.

People sometimes put up a whole house full of assorted stuff for sale.

You will be handling all types of items ranging from very valuable antiques to every other household possession and the method of sales is similar to that of an auction.

  1. Become an Uber driver

Becoming an Uber driver is one area you may want to try out as a side gig. As an Uber driver, you can make as much as you want because the more you drive is the more you earn. You will also get your pay deposited into your account weekly.

It is not the office and boss kind of stuff. You actually drive when it works out for you and at your own time.

To be what Uber refers to as “driver partner” since that is how they see you, you must be 21 years in the minimum, have a minimum 3 years driving experience, have a car insurance under your name, and a social security number.

Uber will, however, run a background check on you and your vehicle will need to meet up with the required uber’s standard.

Once you are through with all these formalities you will be required to fill out an application online and if every other thing is in place, you will be allowed to set your schedule, start picking up your clients and then start getting paid.

  1. Apps designer

If you are a prolific apps user and an obsessive smartphone user, you can indulge in the designing of apps as a side gig. All you require is to do an in-depth research to find out what is currently in vogue.

Fall back on your experience using apps, all the comments, concerns, and suggestions of users you have read. All these will give you a good idea of how you want your app to be, feel, and be used.

  1. Proofreader

Despite the spelling checking abilities of the modern word processors, a human proofreader is absolutely indispensable.

If you are the patient type who can carefully read and reread a document to detect errors in spellings, punctuations, or grammar, you already landed yourself a sought-after job if only you choose to pursue it. have landed yourself a much sought after job.

  1. Fill out online surveys

Filling out online surveys is another angle you may want to explore as a new graduate. The essence is to get paid for giving your opinion on different subjects.

As a new graduate with a brain bursting with fresh ideas and innovations, this will be right up your alley.

You may need to set up a free email account separate from your personal email in other not to get yourself clogged up with junk email.

To make a living from filling online surveys you must be ready to sign up at a lot of sites.

  1. Join a research study

There are a lot of groups out there looking for people to help out in one research work or the other. The field of study vary and as a new graduate, you can pick the relevant field that suits you.

The joy of the whole research study is that you can always upload your contributions and works online.

  1. Sell on Amazon

You probably have heard people talking about selling on Amazon and you have always felt at a loss; you are definitely qualified and can do it as a new graduate for a side gig.

Amazon initially started as a source for used books but has gone into virtually every aspect of life and the beauty of it all is that you only do a little part of the selling job.

By selling on Amazon, it means you get to list your products for sale on the Amazon.com website and Amazon buyers get to buy from you.

The hardest thing you do is to ship the product to Amazon’s warehouse and they handle the whole stuff from there even the shipping ensuring that the product is delivered exactly 2 days to the customer if they are a prime member.

  1. Hauling services

You can get yourself engaged in the hauling services as a new graduate. The service entails helping people to remove junks and old things they don’t use again for a pay.

There are usually designated places where these junks are dumped and some are taken to firms for recycling.

You may, however, be required to register before getting into the business.

  1. Modeling

There are a lot of corporations who want to showcase their products especially wears, ornaments, shoes, and hair attachments. They need young men and women to model these stuff for them, with good pay.

As a new graduate, you can hook yourself up with any or some of the above business ideas while waiting for something more worthwhile to engage yourself in.

A young and fresh graduate does not need to curl up in a settee watching movies, saying there is nothing to do yet. You can get yourself a side gig and get to be very useful in return.