With the humble beginning stories of big businesses like Facebook, starting in a dorm, and Apple, starting in a garage, it’s evident that you don’t need all the money in the world to start a million dollar business. The trick is to find that diamond-in-the-rough idea that can be processed into a goldmine. You can set the ball rolling, with what you have at your disposal by checking out some business ideas with low capital.

Let’s take a look at some of these business ideas with low capital.

1. Consultancy services

This is a very good ocean to dive into, if you are starting a business without a big budget. You get to offer professional advice to people, on a field you are very knowledgeable about, for a fee.

Look within and identify that area that you have some level of expertise on. With that in place, you don’t really need much to get started. Having a decent office to work from, will be a good idea, but you could start with a well arranged space in your home.

2. Restaurant

As long as human existence continues, there will always be the need for food. And while some people would make themselves a delicious homemade meal, others do not have the time and expertise to do that, so, a restaurant with tasty meals is their next stop.

Restaurants come in different sizes. While there are the fancy ones that cost an arm and a leg to establish, there are the decent but nice ones which one can set up for far lesser amounts. With a location, good décor, excellent customer service and of course, tasty meals, your customers will always come back. Start with simple recipes and gradually take it up as you expand.

3. House cleaning services

Who loves dirt? Nobody does, but sometimes, people are too lazy to clean-up their mess. And those who understand the importance of good hygiene would gladly pay for a clean-up, creating jobs for others.

To get started in this business, the basics you need are cleaning tools, and those are not so expensive to get. Spread the word about your new business and be sure to get your first client soon.

4. Event planning

If you have a knack for parties and organization, then you can pull this off, effortlessly. Every day is party day for different people, but not everybody can go through the stress that comes with it, and will be glad to get the burden off their shoulders. This is where you come in. You help them organize a great event and get paid for your effort. The good thing about this business is that the host(s) will make money available to you, to plan the occasion, so you don’t have to use your own money.

In order to get good reviews and referrals, you may need to get some training in this field, if you really want to hit it big.

5. Digital photography

Photography is a rapidly growing industry. While specialized industries like the media and entertainment rely on it for great celebrity shoots and promotional campaigns, everyday-people need it to document their many occasions.

The basic thing you need to be a player in the business, is a good digital camera that produces high quality images. Having an office space isn’t mandatory at the early stages, as you can conveniently go to these occasions from home and deliver clients’ photos to them, at their locations.

6. Beauty Salon

Like they say, looking good is good business. Both men and women love a good hair make-over. You could choose to establish a beauty salon to cater to either of the genders or have a unisex salon that caters to both genders.

All you need to do this, is a small space, dryers, clippers, hair care products and one or two hands to render the services.

7. Interior decoration

With the evolving lifestyle in society, people are developing good tastes in designs and artworks. They need that extra touch, from an expert, to give their homes and offices and above-average look.

While some artworks and designs may be expensive to acquire, you could explore your creativity and make do with the not so expensive ones you can lay your hands on. What matters the most, is the wonders you can do with them.

8. Poultry farming

The number of non vegetarians far outweighs that of vegetarians, so, these birds are in high demand for consumption. And thankfully, you don’t need to break the bank to establish your own poultry farm.

With a few thousand bucks, you could buy a good number of birds, feed and set up a pen. To be on top of your game, you’d need some form of training on how to run a successful poultry farm. That way, you can nurture healthy birds which will give you good money in return.

9. Laundry Services

This is one of the business ideas with low capital because most people take cleanliness seriously, but some of them can’t get hands on, for different reasons.

You could start this business from home, if you cannot afford an office space. While the job will be easier with one or two washing machines, you could wash with your hands for a start.

10. Beauty care

The beauty industry is one that is booming, as everybody desires to look better than they already do. While women are known to be the front-liners of beauty products, men aren’t lagging far behind as they are becoming more cautious of their looks.

You could choose some affordable beauty products from the thousands in the market and make them available to prospective customers. The nature of these products allows you to engage in personal selling to people, even in the absence of a store.

There are unlimited opportunities for a good business to thrive. You could turn one of these business ideas with low capital into a big brand, with effective planning, discipline and management of resources. The outcome of your business, in the long run, lies in your hands. So, what will it be?