10 Online Customer Attraction Techniques You Should Zone in on in 2015

customer attractionMany new businesses are getting online, and businesses that have been online for long are starting to realize that things aren’t as they used to be; some techniques that used to be effective 4 – 5 years ago are completely dead, while some have significantly reduced in value that it won’t be worth it to use them again.

However, some techniques are still very effective, if not more effective, as long as you go about using them the right way.

If you own an online business and want revenue growth, you’ll ignore the following customer attraction techniques at your own peril.

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4 Highly Profitable Business Ventures You Should Get Into Today

As someone who teaches others how to spot and take advantage of profitable business ideas, I’m very particular about the businesses I venture into.

I got into business a few years ago through my online business, and the profit margin witnessed from my online business was so astronomical that I made up my mind not to go into businesses that aren’t very profitable.

By rule, I only invest in businesses with a profit margin of up to 100% typically within a year or two; I can make exceptions and invest in businesses with a profit margin of around 50% if it requires large capital upfront and can yield returns within a short period of time (I mean, months).

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Requirements for Starting a Catfish Farm

This is the third article in the series, how to start a catfish farm, and I’ll be going over the requirements for starting a catfish farm.

Catfish farming is very unique in that it requires some serious upfront investment, depending on the scale you want to start with, so you need to make sure you get a lot of things right before you start.

Here are some of the requirements when starting a catfish farm:

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Essential Facts About Catfish Farming as a Business Model

Since the aim of this blog is to give you profitable business ideas, I’ll let you in on a key secret:

One of the fastest and most stable ways to be rich is by being in the business of feeding others.

It is that plain and simple.

Every other business model can easily fail, but the business of feeding others never will. This is because we always have to eat, and the rate of food consumption of the human race keeps increasing predictably and dramatically every day.

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How to Start a Catfish Farming Business

By principle, I rarely venture into businesses that do not have a high profit margin; I’m talking at least 50% or more within 6 months to 1 year, depending on how big my investment is.

Whenever new business ideas are introduced to me, I make it clear that unless I can have a 100% profit margin within a reasonable period, I won’t get into that business.

I’ve been a commercial catfish farmer for over a year now, and it is one highly profitable business; having a 50% profit margin within a span of 6 months is normal, if you do things right, and having a profit margin of 150%+ within this same period is not unusual.

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10 Business Rules You Should Live By

While having the right business ideas, strategy and execution matters, something much more important that many people ignore when it comes to building successful businesses is this:


Successful business owners are guided by certain principles and rules, and often these rules end up influencing their success.

If you want to build a successful business in this 21st century, you need to live by these rules; they’re kind of like the 10 commandments of building a successful business.

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Don’t Give Up! 3 Ways to Earn Side Income While You Build Your Business

Before getting lost in the success and motivational stories of really successful businesses, it is important to come to terms with reality first; before you can focus on your startup, how do you cater to your immediate financial needs?

Without having to get a job you hate and without having to sacrifice the bulk of the time you could dedicate to your startup, this article shares 3 powerful ways to earn side income while building your business.

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