7 Cybersecurity Trends to Pay Attention to During the 2020 Holiday Season

By Kristina Tuvikene


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The holiday season is here, and if there’s anything the data is pointing to it is this: thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying restrictions, e-commerce will be such a big deal during the 2020 holiday season compared to previous years.

Already, cybercrime is up 600 percent thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and indications show that things will only get worse.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, an estimated 2.05 billion people shopped online.

This number is poised to go up, however: data from American Express’s 2020 Amex Trendex Report indicates that at least 60 percent of holiday shoppers will be spending their holiday season at home this year because of COVID-19.

Increased focus on e-commerce this holiday season means there’ll be increased attempts from cybercriminals.

10 WordPress Security Threats Small Businesses Should Watch Out For

By Kaarle Varkki

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) in the world — by far.

According to data from Website Setup, WordPress is the number one CMS in the world and powers more websites than all the other CMSs in the top 10 combined.

In other words, it’s very likely that your small business website is (or will be) powered by it.

That said, while many small businesses rush to use WordPress due to its simplicity and other features, very few are aware of the security implications.

Data from Sucuri shows that WordPress is the most hacked CMS and is the victim of 90 percent of all hack attempts targeted at content marketing systems.

So how do you protect yourself as a small business owner? Start by understanding the top WordPress security threats you should watch out for:

6 Productivity Hacks for Your Startup in the Era of Remote Work

remote work

Remote work is on the rise, and more people are working remotely now than at any point in history.

According to statistics compiled by Hubspot:

  • The number of people working remotely at least once a week has grown by 400 percent since 2010.
  • At least 4.7 million employees in the U.S. work from home at least half the week.
  • 18 percent of executives work remotely than they work on site.
  • 30 percent of people work for an organization that is fully remote.
  • 46 percent of C-suite members work remotely at least on a part-time basis.

The above statistics are even further amplified by the state of things in the world right now. At the time of writing this, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries of the world are on lockdown and organizations are forced to carry out the majority of their activities offline.

If you’re a startup and most of your employees have to work from home, how do you ensure peak productivity? Below are six ideas for you:

7 Business Ideas Guaranteed to Make You Money Almost Instantly

Zig Ziglar famously said that “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” If you take a quick look at the world’s richest men, you’ll notice that a good portion of their income comes from helping others get what they want. Bill Gates is renowned for creating Microsoft and putting the computer in the hands of the average person, and a good look at the evolution of technology today shows that computers are a part of our everyday lives.

If you want to be rich, you need to identify the secret to success in business; find what people want, and deliver it to them in a way that you’ll be profitable.

Create A Business Firm: 20 Best Business Ideas Of All Time

Nearly every entrepreneur clearly knows that depending on a 9-5 job is never the way to go. The freedom, time, and even the income is often a resource a majority of 9-5 workers rarely enjoy.

However, most entrepreneurs suck it up regardless because they lack knowledge of what other fields to venture into.

If you happen to be one of such entrepreneurs, here’s a list of some of the most well-paying business firms of all time.

To become a professional in any of the below career fields, however, a certain level of specialization and educational certificate, like a Bachelor’s degree is required.

Notwithstanding, you don’t need to graduate from an Ivy-league college to thrive in these business fields. Graduating from an affordable business school will equally be a good start.

What’s more important in business is your ability to deliver, drive result and aid company growth. Nothing less.

The Top 10 Ways To Earn A Living Online As A Pro Gamer

In a world where the boom of entrepreneurial spirit amongst the masses is rather amazing, the most common tip from top successful individuals when asked the best career path to pursue is “do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

While this is absolutely true, it’s also a fact that a whole lot of individuals, both genders alike, wouldn’t mind sitting indoor all day long whenever a video game is in sight.

If you happen to be such an individual, there’s a high probability that you play video games for the fun and the “escape-from-reality” feeling it brings. Or you simply find it to be the most relaxing routine after the daily struggle.

But in our digital age where work-freedom is rapidly taking over the workforce, how amazing would it be to learn that you can actually turn your love for games into a livable career?

16 Best Side Gigs New Graduates Can Depend On Before Getting Hired

With the world having become tech-savvy, millions of opportunities have cropped up for any discerning mind especially new graduates to harp on and make ends meet even before getting hired.

These opportunities come in the form of side gigs especially on the part of new graduates. It is no longer the in-thing for fresh graduates to solely depend on their parents for every cent they want to spend.

They can go out there, get themselves engaged in one form of online or offline side gig pending the time they are hired. These opportunities come in their hundreds and only a lazy bone will not have one thing or the other to do.

Some new graduates have even gone ahead to make the side gigs they embarked upon while waiting for hired jobs a permanent stuff and have worked on it to give it a startup status.

10 Effective Ways To Earn A Living Online With IT/Coding Knowledge

Most times we tend to take for granted the behind the scenes work that has been put into the PC and all other IT gadgets. We really overlook the fact that quite a lot of coders are hunk over their computers almost on a daily basis trying to generate codes that make most of our apps run properly.

These set of people who we relegate to the background and most times are not heard of, spend their time and resources to create software that can be used not only in apps but also in video games, social media platforms, and many others.

It definitely can’t be an easy task to become skilled in any of the coding languages, it requires a great deal of diligence and people who venture into coding should actually be smiling to the banks since we practically depend on them one way or the other.

19 Effective Business Ideas In The Finance Sector

Building or maintaining a solid financial ground is never the easiest thing to do, as this requires exceptional skills like the ability to calculate the possible ROI of an investment, understand the dynamics of assets and liabilities over time, amongst many others.

Many individuals desire to have a good understanding of the processes involved in building a solid financial ground. However, this is something only specific set of people, often referred to as finance experts, can handle.  

Finance experts command both fortune and respect, with no dearth of employment/business opportunities.

If you are an expert in the finance sector or an upcoming finance graduate, below is a list of effective business ideas you can venture in.

18 Best Business Ideas For Tech-Savvies

From the ability to tweak programs and software to the ability to generate shortcodes that transform web platforms — there is a very limited circle of people who can get these done. They are often referred to as tech-savvies.

If you are a tech-savvy, the rising use of tech gadgets can enable you to earn a decent living from doing what you do best.

Hence, instead of limiting your skills to the fun you derive from anticipating the latest tech gadgets and exploring their newest features, there are multiple ways you can use your skills to build a lucrative income source for yourself.

To aid you with the best ways to use your skills to earn a decent living, below is a list of the best business ideas you can adopt.

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